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Container Relocate can supply a variety of different container formats to suit your event requirements. We have provided specialty containers like Reefers, Kiosks, Offices, etc for events such as the V8 Supercars, Melbourne Grand Prix, Australian Golf Open, Moto GP, Obstacle Race Events, and Beach Warrior.

Mobile, solid structures, these specialty containers are a great solution for small to major events. In addition we can supply standard storage containers for use at each event, as well as provide business-to-event or event-to-event relocation services!


Contact us if you have something else is mind. We can either recommend an existing container format to suit your needs or help you to custom build exactly what you need.

Click here to make an inquiry, or simply call us on 1300 509 934.

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Storage Containers

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Kiosk/Bar Containers

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Refrigerated Containers

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Office Containers