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Need a reliable self pack solutions provider you can trust?

Container Relocate provides a premium self pack container relocation service, at competitive prices! As a specialist shipping container removalist, we’re serious about making your interstate relocation a smooth and efficient experience.

We understand that moving house is stressful enough as it is. We take that stress out of the equation by working to a schedule that best suits you, and by keeping you up to date on the movement and position of your container so you have peace of mind.

Why choose Container Relocate?

  • A focused approach to every detail of your relocation means we provide you with the best possible service.

  • We are Australian owned and operated

  • Our team has over 15 years experience in the industry

  • We have the very competitive pricing for Australia wide container self pack solutions

  • We can offer short term container storage in most locations

  • Excellent Service and Communication

So how does it work?

Its simple! We deliver a container your current address, pick it up when you've loaded it and relocate it to your new address. Then all you have to do is let us know when you have unloaded the container, and we'll come and collect it. Easy!

Can you use your own container? Absolutley!

All containers used in Road/Rail transit MUST have valid CSC certification. To check if your container has valid certification, check the compliance plate on the left hand door.


If there is a sticker on the bottom right of the plate, the hole-punched month and year must be at least 2 months ahead of todays date.


If there is no date, check the date of manufacture – if it is within 5 years then it is considered Newbuild and therefore valid for Road/Rail transit.

CSC Plate example.jpg

Are your addresses eligible for container delivery?

It is important to understand up front if you can even take a container at either address. Also noting that road set down requires council approval so set down should either be to your driveway or grassed frontage.


Can you meet the following?

  • Level/Flat (ish) driveway or Level/Flat (ish) frontage?

  • No overhead power lines impeding the truck and container?

  • Plenty of swing room in the street for the truck itself to get in and out?

  • The approach to your street can be easily navigated by truck?

  • No narrow gates or close fences impeding truck access?

  • No other foreseeable obstacles impeding truck access?

If you're not sure you can answer all of these questions, don't worry - thats what we're here for! With the assumption that your addresses can safely take a container, should you choose to proceed with our quote we will review each address using Google Maps, and any pictures/information (flags) that you can provide us, and determine that they are compatible.

Its important to note that most 3-4 bedroom homes will comfortably fit into a 20ft Container, however we highly recommend you get a skip bin and cull what you don't need - be ruthless, there's nothing more satisfying than a solid de-clutter!

Most home relocations are done using Tilt Tray vehicles on either side of commercial Rail. If you would like more information on the truck formats and space requirements, click here.

To get a quote, click here. We endeavour to get back to you within 12hrs. Please make sure you provide all the basic info we need such as the suburbs from and to, the size shipping container you want, and whether you want a container a provided or already have your own.

Alternatively, contact us on 1300 509 934 to discuss your requirements.

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