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Need a self-pack solution for your business?

Freight is a major component to most businesses and its important to use the most cost effective method whilst not sacrificing on quality services.

If your delivery addresses can accommodate a 20ft or 40ft shipping container, Container Relocate can help! We can either provide you with the containers your need or cover the transport of the ones you do own. In addition we can also arrange CSC Inspection and Certification if your container is out of date for Rail transit.

Note: CSC Certification for containers going oversea's require a full inspection including the interior and underside, which is better done a depot where the container can be lifted. We can arrange for you but depending on the age of the container, you may wish to consider having your freight forwarder provide one as this will be a much cheaper option.


If you have a high volume, bulky, heavy, and/or sensitive cargo, you might find that utilising a self pack container relocation service will be cheaper than modern palletised freight solutions.

For information on storage services, click here.

For a quick and easy quote, contact us today on 1300 509 934, or click here to make an inquiry.

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