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We provide containers for hire or purchase nationwide!

At Container Relocate, we have a vast network of container providers which enables us to get you the most competitive price anywhere in Australia!

We can provide a wide variety of containers for Long Term or Short Term Hire, or Purchase.

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Buy A Shipping Container

When you initially buy a container, you’ll quickly see the benefits of having the extra space and how one or more shipping containers can make your life easier. If you’re still unsure and not yet ready to buy a metal shipping container, we can lease it out to you for a short or long term. 

Through our network of providers, we can help you find the best container suited to your needs, from 10ft to 48ft containers available for hire or purchase. A container must meet safety criteria before you can move it, but we can issue a Container Safety Certificate for your peace of mind.


Shipping Container Hire

Shipping container hire means you can sign a short- or long-term contract to hire. If you first want to see whether it will work in your space, a shorter term will be ideal and allow you to experience the many other benefits it may hold for your operations.

We only want the best for our clients, and we can advise on what size container will work best for your needs and where to place it for optimal long-term benefits. Meanwhile, we’ll provide moving tips so your company or house moving can go off without a hitch.

  • Container relocation. Maybe need a sizeable container for moving house. We will deliver it to you and collect again once you’re finished packing. We will relocate the container to your new place and collect it again once you’re settled and unpacked.

  • Event hire. Containers can be transformed into kiosks for temporary use at events, and we also rent refrigerated containers for your convenience.

  • Commercial transport. We take care of everything; whether you have an existing container that needs checking for compliance or you want us to provide one, we can move 20 and 40ft containers to your new site.

Related services we provide when you hire a shipping container

Other uses you can consider for a shipping container for sale:

  • Workshop. Converting a container into a workshop will free up space in your garage or on your property and keep your tools and expensive equipment safe and protected from the elements.

  • Change rooms. Give your employees their own space with lockers where they can change before or after a shift.

  • Offices. Convert them into temporary offices on the construction site to make it easy to relocate them once the project is completed.

  • Storage options. Should you wish to buy it for storage, we can bring the container to your property. Should you want to use our on-site storage facility option, you need to be aware that we can’t keep dangerous goods on-site as per law.

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