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Side-loader delivery is becoming an increasingly popular option for transport of shipping containers. It is an especially helpful mode of delivery when there is limited space either in front of or behind where the container is to be placed.

Most sideloader trucks can handle both 20 foot and 40 foot containers, and what most people like is that there is no tilt action to the loading of the container on to the truck, instead they chain hook to the bottom corner fittings on each end of the container and the hydraulic crane arms at each end of the container work in unison to safely lift the level container. This truck type is designed for the safe loading of heavy containers and are therefore capable of upwards of 20t gross lifts. The downside is that this truck type can be much more expensive than Tilt Tray trucks, and are in most cases only available as a 16m truck which can still handle single 20’ containers, but are most often inappropriate for use at residential sites. To determine if this format is right for you, please review the following guidelines and ensure your site complies:

6m (20’) Side Loader Clearance Requirements

  • 4.5m – Height

  • 6.0m – Width

  • 10.0m – Length


12m (40’) Side Loader Clearance Requirements

  • 4.5m – Height

  • 6.0m – Width

  • 16.0m – Length



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