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Hiab/Crane loaders have a single hydraulic crane arm and have much more load/unload flexibility over the Tilt Tray and Side Loader.


Generally Hiabs are used when Tilts or Sideloaders won’t cut it due to their range and flexibility, and can lift over obstructions such as fences, hedges, and railings. The downside is that this truck type can be much more expensive, charging on an hourly rate from base to base, and are in most cases only available to transport 20’ containers.


They can also be used in tandem with a flatbed for unloading and positioning of 40’ containers.


Most Hiab operators will however limit their lift to either empty containers only, maximum gross weights of 5.5t in the case of 20’ containers. Most operators will not engage loaded 40’ containers, despite the cargo weight.


For these types of lifts, alternative lift formats such as Franna’s or Mobile Cranes can be used.


This video demonstrates the Hiab loading of a 20ft shipping container by Reef Group

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