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Need your container inspected and certified?

All shipping containers must meet minimum safety requirements to travel by Road, Rail, or Sea. They should therefore have a safety approval plate or CSC plate affixed to certify that the container complies with national and international shipping regulations.

A Container Safety Certificate (CSC) issued by Container Relocate or any of its affiliates ensures your container will be valid for use with all major transportation systems.

There are 7 points of inspection:

  1. Understructure

  2. Doors

  3. Right Side Wall

  4. Left Side Wall

  5. Front Wall

  6. Roof

  7. Interior Floor

Its important to ensure your container is suitable for cargo as valid certification will greatly reduce your risk of liability when transporting your cargo both domestically and internationally. A container that is non-compliant will be rejected at Rail and Shipping terminals and will cost you in extra transport, and could cost you in possible damage to your cargo as a result of structural failure due to non-compliance.

At Container Relocate, we can either inspect and certify your container/s directly or facilitate the inspection and certification by arranging a certified inspector in your area.

All inspectors carry valid IICL accreditation from the Institute of International Container Lessors.

Click here to inquire about an inspection and certification of your container, or simply call us on 1300 509 934!

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